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3. Rengti Parchhaiyan (2014)
Play: Rengti Parchhaiyan (2014)
Playwright: Uma Jhunjhunwala
Design & Direction: S.M. Azhar Alam

Synopsis: An original Hindi play written by Uma Jhunjhunwala about life’s tragedy where victim of circumstances forget the thin line between right and wrong. Nadira, a widow lives with her three daughters Sabira, Mehnaz and Rabia. The coming of a blind man Bashir Miya in their life set the wheel turning. On the insistence of her two elder daughters and for their sake, Nadira marries Bashir. It so happens that Sabira and Mehnaz get into an illicit relationship with Bashir. But when the youngest Rabia gets into it she is deeply distraught and tells her mother.
Nadira could not believe her ears…she confronts Bashir who justifies himself that the woman with whom he indulged in had the ring which he had given to her as a symbol of their marriage And that it was beyond his imagination that the girls would stoop to such behavior to fulfill their lust and deceive their blind father.
Nadira, broken beyond repair, refuses his justification, for her Bashir was a man who saw only “a woman” in her daughters…. a mean to fulfill his bodily needs… and in the heat of the moment she kills him…….and with it returns the dry and claustrophobic world….

Clean Design

Press Reviews: “Drama composed by woman about women highlights Little Thespian’s Rengti Parchhaiyan, the first original play by Uma Jhunjhunwala and on its basis, we encourage her to write more, because Hindi/Urdu theatre needs fresh dramatists and she demonstrates a mature hand. Slightly reminiscent of classics like O’Neill’s Desire under the Elms or Lorca’s House of Bernarda Alba about the dangers of repressing female sexuality…… I cannot reveal the denouement without spoiling the shock element: suffice it to say that Jhunjhunwala lets the terrible tragedy work itself out naturally…director S. M. Azhar Alam…..has extracted the best out of his actors…. ”
The Telegraph, Calcutta, Saturday, 27th September 2014

“Both the playwright Uma Jhunjhunwala and the director S. M. Azhar Alam should be lauded for presenting such a bold play, as the issues which has been raised in the play are usually pushed under the carpet by the society….the whole production was remarkably good in terms of acting, light design, music as well as the performances by the actors….truly an unforgettable play…..
Chhapte Chhapte, Hindi Daily, Sunday, September 28, 2014

“the play had a entrancing effect on the audience….for nearly two hour there was pin drop silence in the auditorium….the story line, the direction, the dialogues, performance by the actors, set, lights, music all made Rengti Parchhaiyan a treat to the senses. Thanks to playwright Uma Jhunjhunwala and director S. M. Azhar Alam….”
City Live, Hindi Daily, Jabalpur, Saturday, 10th January 2015

“Kudos to playwright Uma Jhunjhunwala and director S. M. Azhar Alam for weaving such a thought provoking play about a widow and her three daughters together...With incest...lust...society mores and women issues being the underlying themes...the sweetness of the language along with powerful performances by actors, all made Rengti Parchhaiyan, a soul wrenching play…….”
Rajasthan Patrika, Hindi Daily, Jabalpur, 10th January 2015

“This bold play received standing ovation from the audience, still there were some who were not able to digest the bitter truth of society…all in all the play was able to bring out the very fabric of complex human relations…through Rengti Parchhaiyan we got a sensitive writer in Uma Jhunjhunwala….”
Prabhat Khabar, Hindi Daily, Kolkata, Sunday, 7th September, 2014

“Uma Jhunjhunwala has enriched the Bengal theatre scenario by her first play Rengti Parchhaiyan, a powerful play depicting the culture of silence and suffering in our society…director S. M Azhar Alam has given the play an eerily realistic touch….stitching together frames after frames with minute detailing, saying many things without uttering a word….music by Murari Ray Chowdhury is exemplary….”
Daily Ganashakti, Saturday, September 27, 2014