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10: Yaadon Ke Bujhe Huye Savere (Urdu 2005)
Play: Yaadon Ke Bujhe Huye Savere (Urdu 2005)
Playwright:Ismail Choonara
Design and Direction: Uma Jhunjhunwala

Synopsis: A marvelous blend of history and imagination, it leads the audience on a journey of emotional exploration and discovery of painful paradoxes of life. Based on the last days of Mughal emperor Shahjahan. The play vividly recounts the wretchedness of the old king, abdicated from kingship and imprisoned by his son, Aurangzeb.

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Press comments:

“Urdu theatre is like the proverbial Id moon, all across the country. A real pity, because it had a rich tradition of poetic language. Therefore, one must credit the young group Little Thespian for persisting with attempts to revive Urdu locally. For its latest production Yaadon Ke Bujhe Huye Savere.….lead actor S.M. Azhar Alam pours everything into the title role…. Suresh Dutta’s set and Joy Sen’s lighting makes the vista of the distant Taj Mahal on the horizon across the Yamuna a beautiful sight, almost mocking frail morality with eternity.”
The Telegraph, Kolkata, Friday, April1, 2005

The director was able to bring out the pain, agony, helplessness and anger…..and this in itself is an achievement.
City Bhaskar, Gwalior, Thursday, November 23, 2006

The actors delivered their roles to perfection…..Kudos to the designers for excellent set designing, evocative light designing and for the soulful music.
Hindustan Times, Kolkata, Thursday, October 5, 2006

This play directed by Uma Jhunjhunwala has left an indelible mark on everyone……
United Bharat, Allahabad, June 13, 2005

Little Thespian’s play Yaadon Ke Bujhe Huye Savere is a classic and will be remembered for a long long time…..
Weekly Jan-Sansar, Kolkata, April 1 to April 15, 2005

The play Yaadon Ke Bujhe Huye Savere is a classic play touching the depth of the heart with the power packed performances by its actors….excellent set, light and music. Jansatta, Kolkata, February 19, 2005 …..Full of rich poetic Urdu language, scintillating music and grand opulence which it created made it a truly classic play…….was successful in bringing out the poignant reminder of the tragic reality of life.
Hindustan, Allahabad, Monday, June 13, 2005